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Kehidupan Anda Foundation was established in 2001 to help Simone Gerritsen, who is from the Netherlands, to build a school in the village of Tongkeina in North Sulawesi. Until that time, there were no opportunities for village children to follow further education than primary school.

The foundation does not make a profit, but helps children aged 6-18 go to school and in this way, through a good education, create a better life for themselves and their immediate family.

The foundation supports 3 different projects; facilities, such as building and maintaining the facilities; operationally, by supporting the teachers and supporting the various environmental protection projects and our now famous study fund.

Since the start of the construction of the school in 2006, the Kehidupan-Anda Foundation (meaning “your life”) has helped a large number of children.

Through donations from “sponsor parents” the foundation was able to pay the school fees for children whose parents could not. Contributed to the maintenance and improvement of the facilities, such as, for example, building a library and building extra classrooms, but also to keeping the school operational.



KRO-NCRV geeft elk jaar een mooi bedrag aan drie goede doelen die op een bijzondere manier bijdragen aan een warme, zorgzame samenleving. Kehidupan Anda is zo’n goed doel. Daarom doe ik mee aan Actie Warm Hart en zet ik me in om voor dit doel € 10.000 te verdienen! De goede doelen met de meeste stemmen, maken kans op een van de hoofdprijzen. Daarom wil ik u vragen: Helpt u mee? Breng uw stem uit op: www.kro-ncrv.nl/warmhart/kehidupan-anda