Graduation day

Trotse afgestudeerde studenten

It's a wrap; last Saturday, June 19, 32 students from both departments received their diplomas. Due to the protocols still in force, the event was organized in a very simple way. The students had to do it this year with a ribbon and a folder with the diploma, a professional photographer and a box of cookies.

A drive-through ceremony… in on one side, out on the other and one by one, with father, mother, grandmother and/or brothers and sisters. No speeches, no emotional outbursts… like 'loose sand'. But at least there was something.

The two different specializations: Hotel Tourism and Coastal Tourism, of course together with the teachers. 

Many of the students were helped by you…and we sincerely hope you consider the opportunity to keep it up and help the next generation.

The focus is still on helping children from the villages; in the vicinity of the school, but also on the islands and even from very remote areas in North Sulawesi. It really helps and we wouldn't make it without your help.

A thank you note to the sponsors. They would never have been able to graduate without your financial contribution.
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