First Newsletter

In January an annual regional business event for companies was organized in Manado. Simone was invited as a speaker at this event. Many companies offer their products or services for free as marketing.
Simone came up with the idea not to give away 3 large prizes for free, but to auction them for charity. The auction was a great success and Simone raised a nice amount of money for the schools in Lembeh, Raja Ampat and of course our own school in Tongkaina.

Project in Raja Ampat have built new toilets, with the Papua Explorers resort doubling the money from the auction.

Project for our school new masks and snorkels have been purchased for the diving training.

Dive fair Duikvaker Netherlands

In February we attended the Duikvaker trade fair in the Netherlands, together with the diving resort Thalassa. It was again a very busy fair with many visits from sponsors who came to drink a cup of coffee. Having a chat with each other is more fun than just communicating via email. The highlight was of course the visit of the Dutch royal family Pieter van Vollenhoven with his son. They are always very interested in getting information about the school and the sponsoring project.

Again success stories from former pupils of the school:

Her name is Dince and she graduated as a dive guide in 2010. In the photo on the left (2009) Simone is explaining the color chart of healthy coral and on the right (2014) she works as a dive guide on live-aboard in the waters around Komodo and Raja Ampat.

In Raja Ampat we (Paul and Yvonne) met six very enthusiastic boys from the school in Tongkaina/Manado. Simone has given them a good training as a dive guide, they are very driven and do their job with great pleasure.

Guests visit the school

Guests of the Thalassa resort visited the school in February and coincidentally, a music lesson was taking place in the library. This multifunctional space was created in 2012 by students from the Netherlands of the LCA project.

In April/May one of our sponsors Evert and Fredie visited Sulawesi. They had brought an extra 18 kg of luggage for the children and the school. The notebooks and colored pencils were received with great enthusiasm by the children.

Graduated from University

At the end of February, another student passed the university. Jacqline is our third student who was able to complete her studies with the help of the foundation. Jacqline graduated in Marine biology. Of course we are very proud of her! In the photo on the right is Jacqline together with Emma. Emma will hopefully graduate from university next year.

School extension

The government of Indonesia has given money for even more expansion. The school has a major regional function and is well regarded. The national tests are done well and the percentage of pass is high.
Two former pupils Rani and Stefa now work as teachers at the school. They teach Indonesian and English.


Visit of 24 students of the JIS Jakarta International School. Sporting swimming competitions and a beach clean-up are organized together with the students of our school.

Students passed

Opleiding van de school bestaat uit:
SMK consists of Tourism, Computer and Diving.

SMK bestaat uit Toerisme, Computer en Duiken.

  • Exam →SMP(junior high school) for progression to SMK(senior high school)
  • Exam →SMK(senior high school) → job search or move on to university.
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