At the tail end of 2021 – How is our school doing?

Hard studeren in de ICT opleiding

We just finished a week of semester exams. Both class 1 and class 2 took their test for the Diving Tourism department. It is and remains a strange situation because of Corona. The students only go to school for 50% of the time and the level of their education does not improve. The practical part also lags behind. Due to the stop on tourism, the students do not have the opportunity to do an internship and thus gain work experience.
Even if this pandemic were to end by next year, students of recent years will be lagging behind that will be difficult to catch up, and their chances of finding a place in the job market will be virtually nil. Yet we continue!

The first Open Water dive for Class 2

We want our students to take responsibility for their own actions, and they learn that best (in my opinion) by diving. Class 2 of the current group is almost finished with the Open Water course. Practice in the pool is done, chapters 1, 2 and 3 are done and they have made the first real open water dive.

And the other classes…

Class 3 will take their final exams next semester and as soon as the school exams are over, they will start with the Rescue course.

Class 1 swims, with Instructor Davin, in the pool in Napo and learns the theory related to snorkeling and the sea. These very young students have much to learn before they can take responsibility for others. They are real teenagers with all the worries that come with it.

The school during COVID-19

The Indonesian government is extremely strict when it comes to following the sanitary protocols at school.
There are posters all over the school, the temperature must be measured, masks are worn during official meetings, and handwash stations are installed. But to be honest, the rules are not followed very closely by the students. However, most are vaccinated. But, just like the youth around the world, people live with a joie-de-vivre attitude.

Students who show even the slightest symptoms of a cold are obliged to stay at home. Self-testing is rare here, and antigen testing and swabs are mainly done by people traveling by air. When people in the small villages get sick, they stay at home. Apart from the many masks that define the street scene, life goes on as usual.

Zoom with SOL

Obviously there are not many projects going on at the moment, but one of the activities stands out above all else. Our students have contact with the students of a secondary sports education in Zwolle. It is a project where students exchange their experiences in the English language. Experiences are also exchanged about the lives of these young people in both the Netherlands and Indonesia.
The first session was super exciting and came with the necessary technical issues. The time difference didn't help either. But after the general presentations about the respective schools and cities, short one-on-one conversations were held.

This is of course worth repeating: Sharks will be debated in a future session. Brendon Sing, founder of Shark Guardian, presented for both schools via Zoom and ended his presentation with a number of questions. So this will be discussed in one of the next Zoom sessions with SOL… Fun, educational and exciting!

Mock exams for ICT

Prior to the official school and government exams, the third grade students receive training in the use of computers. Keeping our old computers running remains a real challenge for Hengki, the principal of the school and our IT technician.

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