Meetings via Zoom

Zoom meeting in Noord Sulawesi

And so it happened in this pandemic: we discovered Zooming. Unfortunately, physical contact with Indonesia was not possible and this way we could still meet together.

During these Zoom sessions it became clear that there are major problems at the school regarding the collection of school fees and the payment of salaries to the teachers. The foundation has become the main sponsor of the school in this corona pandemic.

Parents have lost their jobs en masse because most of them are employed in the tourism sector. There is almost no school fees coming in because parents cannot afford it and government support is minimal. Simone and the teachers have drawn up a plan and the motivation of students to follow the education is closely monitored.

Missing school and diving once on Thalassa is allowed for a good reason, but in a second absence they immediately leave the sponsorship project. For twenty highly motivated students who are not part of the sponsorship project, the foundation supports with a monthly bonus subsidy so that they can still complete the training.

The extra donations to the foundation are used for this, all small amounts of money we receive are used 100%, and therefore your support is very important.

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