Workshop zelfvertrouwen door Elfin T. Moningka

Mr Moningka overhandigt een certifikaat

Elfin has provided many training courses in motivation, leadership, team building, public speaking, etc.

In consultation with the management of the school, it was decided to do something in the field of motivation. Finally, the theme became “public speaking”, a first step to improve self-confidence.

I was surprised by the large number of 30 students who signed up for this extra lesson. It became a practical training: learning by doing and experiencing.


The workshop was given in English with the assistance of teacher Stefa (English).

It was a completely new form of learning for the students. The initial trepidation quickly dissipated and there was much hilarity and fun. The various exercises were performed with great enthusiasm and commitment.

Finally, all participants were awarded a certificate of participation.

I look back with a very satisfied feeling. If I come to Manado again next year, I will offer to give a training again.

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