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A child can attend school for as little as €1.00 a day.

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Our goal

In a village in North Sulawesi, we have been supporting a vocational secondary school since 2006, so that children can find jobs in Indonesia's (diving) tourism industry.

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A small gesture

Keeping the school running is a pricey endeavor, and every sponsor contributes to the survival of our project.

For their success

With your help, these village children are able to further develop themselves. Before 2006, this was simply not possible!

Lerares met kinderen in de klas.

I have visited the school a few times and seen the impact. From the little ones in kindergarten to the high school students, they receive valuable education and training to finish high school with real job opportunities.

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A child can go to school for as little as €1.00 a day:

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About us

Kehidupan Anda Foundation has sponsored a school in North Sulawesi, Indonesia since 2006. This enables us to provide career opportunities for village children in the area.


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