We do it for their future.

The tireless efforts of our volunteers, sponsors and donors make it all possible.

Our mission

The Kehidupan Anda Foundation was established in 2001 to help Dutch Simone Gerritsen build a school in the village of Tongkaina in North Sulawesi.

Until that time, there were no opportunities for village children to receive a further education beyond elementary school.

Nonprofit - plenty of results

We make zero profit, but children aged 6-18 can go to school and thus (through a good education) create a better life for themselves and their immediate family.

Our 3 pillars

Kehidupan Anda supports 3 different projects: facilitative, such as building and maintaining the facilities; operational: support of teachers and ecological projects and our now famous study fund.

Perspective for the future

Since construction of the school began in 2006, we have helped more than 100 children find jobs in the tourism industry.

Sponsor Parents

Through donations from sponsor parents, the foundation has been able to pay school fees for children whose parents were unable to do so. Donations also help maintain and improve facilities, such as building a library or additional classrooms.

The board

Protret Simone

Simone Gerritsen

Project initiator

Experienced PADI Course Director training Indonesian children to become dive guides. Has lived in North Sulawesi since 1996 and is the head founder of the school.

Portret Paul

Paul Meijer


Paul takes care of the day-to-day operations of the foundation. Paul is an experienced diver and underwater videographer.

Portret Petra

Petra Krijgsman


Diver from Simone’s class of 2003’s staff instructors and a frequent visitor to North Sulawesi. A board member of Kehidupan Anda since 2024.
Portret Yvonne

Yvonne Jacobs


Yvonne gathers information from North Sulawesi, writes the newsletters and maintains contact with the school’s teachers.


As of January 1, 2014, the regulations for General Beneficial Institutions (ANBIs) changed. In a letter dated July 20, 2013, the tax authorities gave instructions on how to work out foundation data.

Periodic cash gift agreement

Kehidupan-Anda is an ANBI foundation with RISN/tax (identification) number 820099260.

This means that your donations are tax deductible provided you have entered into a Periodic Cash Gift Agreement with the foundation.

For further information, see the Tax Office.

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