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School Renovation

Our ongoing school renovation process up to now… We’re partway through the renovation process, but we have decided to focus on the most urgent repairs

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Learning Snorkeling

This is the first time the 10th-grade industrial diving program students are learning snorkeling, including the names of equipment and how to use them. Simone,

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They Doing A Great Job!

The students of 12th grade specializing in hospitality, diving industry, and tour & travel have completed their three-month field internships practice at Thalassa Dive and

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Learning While Working!

This is a group of 12th-grade students from SMK Kr. Solagratia Tongkaina in the Hospitality and Tourism Program (diving/travel). For three months, they underwent field

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Make a Donation!

On the 3rd and 4th of February, the Duikvaker Diving Expo was once again held in Houten, Netherlands. Simone, as the Managing Owner and PADI

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Learning Dutch!

We had a visitor named Siep, who is a guest from Thalassa Dive and Wellbeing Resort Manado. He came with his wife to see how

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