Duikvaker 2022 was a success!

Featured Duikvaker

After 2 years of draight of our diving excitement, it was finally possible to meet again at the Divevaker.

Together with Thalassa Dive Resorts Indonesia, we also shared a new venue and booth this year. Although Simone and Arjen were not present, there was live contact with Indonesia throughout the fair. Via Zoom, anyone who wanted to could catch up. Naturally, people were very curious about the status of the new Thalassa Dive & Wellbeing Resort.

Update via Zoom with Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven.

It was frequently used by the many visitors we received at the fair. The foundation also had little to complain about in terms of interest.

It was extremely nice to be able to catch up with donors and former donors about the goings on around the school and upcoming activities.

Similarly, we were again able to receive some generous donations and diving equipment. The items we announced at the beginning of the year were selling in abundance. So once again we would like to thank all the sponsors, visitors and you of course.

We’ll see each other at the next Divevaker!


Paul Meijer
Voorzitter van Stichting Kehidupan Anda. Ik hou van reizen, mijn hond en mijn Yvonne. Ik kom jaarlijks naar Noord Sulawesi om te kijken hoe het er voor staat in de school, de leraren en onze dorpskinderen.

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