Skills Competence Test

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The Skills Competency Test is basically like a big exam that all the seniors in the vocational high school have to take. It’s supposed to check if they’ve learned all the stuff they’re supposed to over the past three years or so.

There were 18 students in total, 11 of them were studying hospitality and 7 were studying tourism business.

The test for the hospitality kids was on Thursday, April 25th, 2024. They could choose from two different packages: package 2, which was all about being a front office person (or FO, as they call it), or package 1, which was about being a chef. But they picked package 2. And the tourism business kids had their test the next day, Friday, April 26th, 2024. They could choose from four different packages, but they went with package 4, which was all about being a tour guide. The tour guide stuff would happen at the airport, while the city tour stuff would be in the center of Manado City.

The whole point of this test is to make sure that the kids actually know what they’re doing and can apply it in the real world. So, they have to show off their skills and prove themselves.


Jeysy Manahede
It is an honor for me to be part of Kehidupan Anda because it allows me to share stories and interesting things that happen at the school. I am one of the teachers at the school, teaching cultural arts and religion. I am from one of the islands in North Sulawesi. I play guitar, sing and swim.

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